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Uc Rodale Nat Aud Enviro Valerie Harms

Uc Rodale Nat Aud Enviro

Valerie Harms

ISBN : 9780399139635
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 About the Book 

Some steppingstones of my life: Smith College, 3 years in France with a new husband. Back in the U.S., with 2 children, I helped establish a Montessori school. A feminist, my first book was Unmasking: Ten Women in Metamorphosis (1973). My religion became depth psychology & nature. A passion for Anais Nin led to joint projects, two more books and the founding of Magic Circle Press. When Elvis Presley died, I resurrected my memorabilia of encounters with him and published the story of his life. (Atheneum). Authored 2 childrens books. For 20 years I’ve been an Intensive Journal consultant and C.G. Jung scholar. Working with the National Audubon Society in NYC on global environmental problems, I came to see how humans are inextricably woven into the web of nature and how essential it is to heal this relationship. I began life in Chicago, lived many years in Weston, CT, now live in Bozeman, MT.